After Care

Brushes We Like:

Interior Cleaning

Interior is specially formulated to clean vinyl, plastic, finished leather and a variety of interior surfaces!

Towels for Cleaning Interior

For more sensitive areas like the Nav screen use a Microfiber Madness Dusting Diamond New OR Microfiber Madness Crazy Pile (16” x 16")

Microfiber Madness Dusting Diamond

Microfiber Madness Crazy Pile

Rinseless Wash

1- Fill one bucket with grit guard half way with water.
2- Create about 1-2 gallons of Rinseless solution mixture in the other bucket with grit guard.
3- Select your cuff less wash mitt and dip in the solution fully submerging.
4- Using Zero pressure slide it across one panel (If paint is quite clean and the panels are small you might do two before rinsing).
5- The dirtier the paint is the faster you take it to the “Rinse bucket” and thoroughly clean BEFORE placing back into your “wash bucket” to absorb more solution.
6- Select your drying towel or another clean towel which you will use for drying ONLY the panel which you have already cleaned.
7- Repeat steps 3-6 across the entire car, drying panels before water is allowed to dry on them.

-500ml makes up to 2 Gallons of (1:15) Waterless Spray
-500ml makes up to 3 1/4 Gallons of Quick Detailer (1:25)
-500ml makes up to 5 1/4 Gallons of Clay Lubricant (1:40)
-500ml makes up to 26 1/2 Gallons of Rinse-less Wash (1:200)

Bottle Size: 16oz 24oz 32oz 1 gallon
1:15 1 oz 1.5 oz 2 oz 8 oz
1:20 0.76 oz 1.15 oz 1.5 oz 6 oz
1:25 0.62 oz 0.92 oz 1.2 oz 5 oz
1:40 0.59 oz 0.58 oz 0.78 oz 3 oz

1- During the rinseless wash process it is important to clean entire panels before you move to drying that panel. This is to avoid using a dry towel on an area that is still dirty.
2- Directions for care of Microfiber towels will be found on the bottom of the page which is linked again here - Microfiber Madness

1- Avoid sprinkler and hard tap water being left on the surface to dry
2- Remove bird bombs from vehicle surfaces as soon as possible with Ech2o mix
3- For Gloss or slickness topper -CarPro Reload 500ml (17oz)

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